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Germany is a land of many contrasts, all of them fascinating, and all of them ripe for exploration in any season.

Germany is more than just beer and Oktoberfest! Fairy tale villages and half-timbered houses. Towering castles. Meandering rivers. World-class spas and hot springs. Thick forests. Automotive museums. UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Germany has an amazing diversity of landscapes—natural and manmade—to enjoy whether you want to hike Germany, bike it, drive it on the famous Auto-Bahn, or sail it on a lazy river while the landscape unfolds before you.

The country has made it easy to explore by categorizing routes depending on your vacation interests with such appealing names as: Castle Road, Germany Fairytale Route, Romanesque Route, Romantic Road, German Wine Route, Half-Timbered Houses Route, German Alpine Road, and Industrial Heritage.

Scenic in the warm months and mesmerizing in the winter, Germany is simply inspiring.

Let the experts of Celebrate-Travel, Inc create the perfect vacation for you in Germany.


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Travel should nourish the soul, renew the spirit, and rejuvenate the body. It should provide a sense of pampered relaxation, enriching experiences, and perfect memories that sustain you through the stresses of daily living.

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